Carnot is a young Italian band from Rome and Piove Veleno is their second auto produced album. I had the chance to meet Matteo Chiocchi (vocals) and Giulio Ceresani (guitar). While drinking a few cocktails we started chatting about their influences, their new album, which came out on May 26th, and their quite interesting experience with Music Raiser to release Piove Veleno.

First of all, I had the pleasure to meet only Matteo and Giulio. Can you please introduce us the rest of the band? How did you guys meet and when?

Actually we are a ‘classical’ rock band formation: guitar, bass, drums and voice. Simone Giardini is our drummer and Alessandro Cinardi plays bass. I met Giulio and Alessandro at school.

We always got in common  the passion for rock music. So after an experience as a cover band, we decided to form one with his own identity and sound. Carnot was formed in 2007.

Originally we also had a lead guitar but the band have gone under multiple lineup changes during these years. Our former drummer and rhythm guitarist after a few years together, decided to retire from the band. Simone joined us in 2014 and then we decided to keep playing as a quartet.

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